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What you should know about LAS (FAQs)

First of all, read your contract. This list of FAQ does not exhaust all the provision of the Agreement and Building Regulations. In order to confirm your reservation, you must accept both of them.

We couldn’t stress it enough: read these documents. Really read them. This is a real agreement and you’re a real adult, so make sure you understand what you can require from us and what we can require from you. If you have questions or doubts, let us know.


FAQ 1: Can I have a contract in English?


Book your microapartment for 2021/2022!

Are you preparing for your final high school exams and waiting with excitement for the first year at the university? If you want to start your student life with friends from all over the world, our LAS Student House is the place for you. There is no loneliness here, even if the classes are conducted online. There is always someone with whom you can spend time, study, talk, or go on a trip – if it’s not your roommate, it&#...

Or maybe you are already a student and the current academic year you have passed in an atmosphere of boredom and loneliness? Study is a time worth sharing with your peers! Do not miss these important moments, catch them against the odds! Friendships are the most valuable in life, but also… a great motivator to learn.


Book last microapartments available for Summer Semester!

Nothing is the same this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home for the next semester as well. After all, studying is not only about learning, but also about living: making friends that can last your whole life. Rooms for students in our LAS Student House are already selling out. There are a few more places left for the next semester and one of them is waiting for you.

Click the PRICES button and check what’s still available.


You don’t know why it’s worth it? Read on!


Why is it worth living in a dormitory


First of all – studies are a chance for new friendships

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down...


Reservations for 2020/2021 open now!

Are you looking for an apartment for the next academic year? Are you just starting your adventure with studying in Wroclaw or maybe you just don’t like the current apartment and are looking something better? Don’t waste time, click PRICES button, check available rooms and book yours now for academic year 2020/2021. The LAS Student House is home to students from Poland an...

abroad who come to us permanently or take part in the Erasmus program. Join them and enjoy the comfort, great company and friendly atmosphere!


Choose the best student room

Check how easy it is. Depending on whether you want to live alone or with a roommate, you have as many as 10 options to choose from! Wow, isn’t it? Importantly, each microapartment has a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchenett...


How to find an apartment for rent in times of epidemics?

In times of coronavirus it can be difficult to find an apartment for rent. When looking for the perfect room, seeing is believing, so we want to check our future home to see if it meets our expectations. For safety reasons it may be impossible to visit flats.

So how do you rent an apartment without seeing it first?

Fortunately, we live in the era of the Internet and in times of pandemic, renting a room in Wrocław is possible also online. Since the beginning of its operation, LAS Dorm offers the possibility of making a reservation through the Internet system.

Thanks to this, students from abroad or from further regions of Poland do not have to come to us to see the room or sign the contract. You can rent a microapartment without leaving h...


What about the ERASMUS PROGRAM?

If you’ve been on an exchange then you know, and if you haven’t then you must have heard that no experience compares to studying abroad! Many students around the world applied for Erasmus that should start in autumn 2020, but the big question is, whether the program will not be halted due to COVID-19. Will students come to Wrocław according to plan after summer? We don’t know. But what we do know is how to make sure...

How to book a flat in times of uncertainty?

It’s easy. Choose LAS! Why? Because we will refund you the reservation fee if the Erasmus program don’t start. All you have to do is follow the booking procedure by clicking PRICES button on top of the page. Writhe in the comments of section 4/5 that you’re an exchange student and in the last step confirm the res...


The life of a foreign student during the pandemic

What does a student’s life look like in the dorm during COVID-19? This year in our dormitory, 1/3 of the residents were foreign students. Meet Renata, who came to us from Brazil at the beginning of the year and is staying in LAS now.


Renata, you came to us from Brazil. For Poles it is the other end of the world! How did you find out about the LAS dormitory and why did you choose it?

I came for the Erasmus Program to study in Wroclaw. I got an e-mail from my University showing options of places to live at. After having visited LAS website, I decided that’s where I want to live.

We can say that we have been living in a different reality for several weeks now. The presence of coronavirus has affected the life of each of us. At first, however, nobody knew how the situation would develop. How did you f...


Living and studying and partying!

One of the advantages of living in a private dorm is the student atmosphere. You won’t find it anywhere else. The peers in the rooms next door, many attending the same university as you, provide an opportunity to study together and to party.

When you come to a new city to start your first year of studies, you meet new people and discover new places. But when you are surrounded by young people who are in a similar situation, it is so much easier to survive those first months away from home. You won’t feel lonely with students around, just step outside your room, because your peer lives right behind your wall.


Book now for second semester!

Are you not sure where you would like to live in the next semester? Or maybe you already have an apartment, but do not feel good in it? Don’t waste time, click the PRICES button, check available rooms and book yours now. In our microapartments live students from Poland and abroad, coming to us for entire studies or only for one semester exchange. Join them and enjoy the comfort, great company and friendly atmosphere!


However, if you value your own space and independence, choose comfort micro apartments with a beautiful panorama of Wroclaw. And meet your friends in our cafeteria or at a party in the neighbor’s room. There will be plenty of opportunities. We have a lot going on!

Check it out by clicking the PRICES button. The booking process is intuitive and does not require leaving home – a few clicks and a problem with finding ...


We refund the booking fee!

Are you a high school graduate not sure whether you will be accepted by your chosen university? Do not worry and book your microapartment now! In case the uni decision is unfavourable, we will refund you the reservation fee reduced by only PLN 100!


How to prepare documents required to stay in Poland?

Za to po zakończeniu studiów, jako absolwent polskiej uczelni możesz ubiegać się o pozwolenie na pozostanie w Polsce jeszcze przez rok w celu poszukiwania pracy.

How to register residence in Wroclaw?

If you‘re a citizen of a country outside the European Union you will also have to register your residence in Wrocław at the City Hall. For stays longer than 14 days (and if you intend to study that certainly concerns your...

How to get a social security number PESEL?

PESEL is an abbreviation of a social security number, a primary reference number, which is used in Poland. If you are a foreigner and get a permission for permanent residence, you should recive your PESEL after registering residence. However, if you get permission only for a temporary stay, but a polish social security number is still required from you, you can also submit an applic...


Public transport in Wroclaw

If you do not use a monthly ticket, you can always buy a paper ticket in a newsstand, in a vending machine at the bus stop (payment by cash or credit card) or in a machine on the tram or bus (in this case, you pay only with card). It’s really not worth to drive stowaways – in public transport controllers can regularly check you, and the fine for the lack of a ticket is 150 zł!

Here, we give you a brief summary of basic ...

Importantly, if you forget your student ID or are traveling with friends that are not entitled to discounts – two discounted time tickets for 30-minutes, 60-minutes, 90-minutes, 24-hours, 48-hours, 72-hours and 168-hours replace full price tickets respectively provided that they both are validated at the same time.

  • Name tickets encoded on Wroclaw URBANCARD – personalized by n...

Can a foreigner study in Poland for free?

Card of the Pole, which is a document confirming belonging to the Polish Nation (but not citizenship), allows you to not only study at public universities in Poland for free, but also to apply for a scholarship, allowance, Minister’s scholarship for outstanding achievement or scholarship of the Polish Government.

You may also be accepted at Polish universities through a qualification procedure for candidates with Polish citizenship, if you have: agreement for a long-term residence in the European Union, refugee status or permission to settle in Polish, and if you are a citizen of an EU/European Economic Area with the right of permanent residence, use of temporary protection in our country, you are a migrant worker, a citizens of the EU or the...


A place to live while studying in Wroclaw?

Apartment for rent

Wroclaw has a well-organized communication network, which is why virtually every part of the city provides easy access to universities.

  • Wroclaw University of Technology (Politechnika Wrocławska) – easily reached from the area of ​​Grunwaldzki Square and downtown of the city.
  • University of Life Sciences (Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy) is also located on Grunwaldzki Square, so it’s als...

Micro apartments in LAS

Have you noticed that among the places with the best access to the universities Downtown was mentioned most often? There, on Prusa 9 Street our private dorm LAS is located! It offers well designed one-room micro apartments with bathroom and a kitchen area – Single or Single Plus (with a slightly larger area) – or two-rooms micro apartments with a shared bathroom and a kitchen area. Every r...


Health insurance for students

  • If you were considered a student of Polish origin in the light of the law on repatriation and you are not a citizen of an EU Member State nor EFTA Member States, you can also enter into an individual voluntary agreement with the National Health Fund. You should submit a certificate issued by the Polish consul in the country of residence to your University, and within 7 days from signing the agreement with the National Health Fu...
  • If only your grandparents are insured in Poland – your parents are not subject to health insurance in Poland or another EU country, while you are not entitled to health care benefits in another capacity, e.g. due to employment contract – they can also report you for health insurance benefits.
  • Of course, foreign students may also buy health insurance with any insurance company of their choice.

The budget of a student in Wrocław

While studying in Wrocław you can assume that you will spend an average of 1600 -2500 zł per month, but bear in mind that organising yourself in a new place will require much higher expenses in the first month.

What regular expenses can you expect each month?

  • Apartments
    Place in a university dorm costs between 400 and 1000 PLN/month, depending on the university and the number of people you’d be sharing your room with. The availability of rooms in dorms is very limited, however, and the standard in many buildings leaves a lot to be desired.In the case you choose to live in a micro apartment in LAS, the rent will depend on type of the apartment you choose and nu...