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Living and Studying

LAS is the perfect place to live. Regardless of whether you came to Wroclaw to live or study, you will find your place here and arrange your own space that you can have only for yourself or share it with others. This is where you will meet the most interesting people in your life, you will be inspired by discussions and atmosphere.

Our modern private dorm in Wrocław is a unique place created to meet needs of the citizens of the world!


The appealing design of our microapartments and common areas – our interiors are the exact place you dreamed to live in and hoped to invite your friends to.


Our professional team that welcomes any question or request with a reassuring smile and a dose of useful information will become your guide in the new city!


Access to the friendly community of our residents, with whom you can share special moments in the common areas of LAS. Lonely nights with a laptop will rarely happen!


The company of your friends and the city center at your reach – these are the perfect conditions to start your future! We offer you a modern design, a friendly atmosphere, attention to detail and a price tailored to your capabilities.

We know there are moments you seek calm and quiet. We also know how much you want to be in the center of events, which is why in LAS in Wrocław we created a special place where friendships begin…

In the neighborhood you will find the biggest campuses in Wrocław, vibrant restaurants, clubs, cafes, as well as quiet libraries and reading rooms. Our private dorms have been designed so that you could passionately fulfill your dreams and grow in a friendly community. Join us – we will take care of your dailiness and your future!