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Can I already book a micro apartment in LAS dorms?

Our online reservation system will be launched in the spring of 2019. Just click on the RESERVATION button and continue with the next booking steps. If you are interested in living in the LAS, you can leave your email address and we will inform you as soon as the booking is possible.

Do I need to be a student to live in LAS dorms?

Yes and no 🙂 If you cannot boast of a student ID, but you want to live in the LAS Dormitory for a longer period than few days, write to us and we will prepare a special offer for you. If you are interested in a short-term stay, click the RESERVATION button and check the rooms available for accommodation.

What are the prices for microapartments?

In the case of long-term stay (per semester or longer), you will pay monthly payments for rent and service charges (utilities, wifi, service, garbage collection, etc.). Rates for rent vary according to the type of micro-flora and the length of stay – you can check them by clicking the BOOK button and checking the rooms available in the period of your choice. For short-term stays, the price is per night, which you can also check by clicking BOOK.

How the micro apartments are allocated?

The micro apartments are allocated according to the type (size) and accommodation (alone or with a roommate) chosen by you and the availability within the indicated period of time.
You can check the available micro apartments by clicking RESERVATION on top of the page.

I would like to live in LAS dorms with a friend – how to make a reservation for two (or more) people?

In this case, it is best if one of you makes a reservation first and uses the option „invite a roommate” by entering a friend’s email. A link will be sent to this address, which will allow the other person to join the booking of the same room. Each of you will sign a separate lease agreement and settle independently.
If someone you would like to live with is already a resident at LAS, write about it in a commentary and if possible, we will allocate you to one micro apartment.

I would like to share a micro apartment with a roommate, but I don’t know anyone yet…

Do you like company? So do we! That’s why we give you plenty of opportunities to find a roommate in LAS! Join our community on Facebook to learn about integrating events we organize for our future residents, meet other people who are also looking for a roommate and get to know them better. Among them you will definitely find someone with whom you would like to share a micro apartment. This is the best way to make friends with other residents of LAS!
However, if you still prefer that we find a roommate for you – make a reservation and mark the option to share a micro apartment, and indicate in the comment box the preferred gender of your future roommate.

Is the cleaning of a micro apartment a paid service?

Yes, the cleaning service is not included in the rent, and its price depends on the frequency (once or twice a week). But if you like to keep your room tidy, but do not want to pay for additional services, you can always use the cleaning equipment available to our residents free of charge.

What charges does the monthly rent cover?

The monthly fee covers: rent for your micro apartment, costs of media, access to the Internet, use of common spaces in LAS and the support of our team.

For how long can I book a micro apartment?

For the long-term stay, you can choose the period for which you would like to live in LAS from the available options (e.g. summer or winter semester, 10 months or 12 months). However, if you want to live in LAS while visiting Wroclaw for a weekend or a shorter period of time, you can also make a reservation, but in this case a price per night will apply.