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Living and Studying

LAS is an operator of private dormitories in Poland, which in its locations creates an ideal place to live and study for Polish and foreign students. We know how to create and manage space for young people, regardless of whether they plan to visit, play or study. In the dormitories we manage, you will meet the most interesting people in your life, you will be inspired by discussions and atmosphere. We know how it’s done – we advise on building, equipping and managing facilities dedicated to Polish and foreign students.
The private dormitories we manage become unique places in terms of the needs of modern people.


Unique design of microapartments and common spaces – within the set budget, we will design interiors where young people dream to live and where they will be happy to invite friends.


We create and train professional teams that will greet every inquiry or request with a soothing smile and a dose of necessary information. The LAS management team becomes a guide for young students in getting to know a new city.


In addition to modern space, we care about creating a friendly community of residents with whom students can share special moments in the common spaces of the LAS. Lonely evening in front of the computer? It’s a rarity in this company!


We are distinguished by modernity, friendly atmosphere, attention to detail and matching the design and management style to the budget and financial goals.
We successfully managed one of the most popular private dormitories in Wrocław, maintaining full occupancy throughout the academic year, also during the months of home learning and social distancing. We have experience in managing private dormitories also in the summer.
We know that students sometimes need peace and quiet. We also know how much they want to be in the center of events, which is why in the dormitories we run, we create a unique place where friendships are born.