Can I already book a micro apartment in LAS dorms?

Our online reservation system hasn’t been launched yet, but if you’re interested in booking an apartment in LAS, leave us your email address, so that we could inform you once it is opened. We will make sure you’re one of the first people to book a micro apartment in LAS!

Do I need to be a student to live in LAS dorms?

No, to be our resident it’s enough that you book a micro apartment and sign a lease agreement with us. You can do it online, without coming to Wrocław to sign the documents. You do not need to have a student card, and you can also continue renting the micro apartment when you finish college.

How the micro apartments are allocated?

The micro apartments are allocated according to the type (size) and accommodation (alone or with a roommate) chosen by you and the availability within the indicated period of time. Micro apartments adjusted for the needs of disabled people are also available!

I would like to live in LAS dorms with a friend – how to make a reservation for two (or more) people?

In this case, each of you should make a booking on our website yourself, choosing the same type of micro apartment and the option of sharing it with a roommate, and note in the comment box that you wish to live with a particular person, providing their email address. It is important that in the references you give the same email address your friend will use while making his/her reservation, so that we will be able to combine your orders.

I would like to share a micro apartment with a roommate, but I don’t know anyone yet…

Do you like company? So do we! That’s why we give you plenty of opportunities to find a roommate in LAS! Join our community on Facebook to learn about integrating events we organize for our future residents, meet other people who are also looking for a roommate and get to know them better. Among them you will definitely find someone with whom you would like to share a micro apartment. This is the best way to make friends with other residents of LAS! However, if you still prefer that we find a roommate for you – make a reservation and mark the option to share a micro apartment, and indicate in the comment box the preferred gender of your future roommate

Is the cleaning of a micro apartment a paid service?

Yes, the cleaning service is not included in the rent, and its price depends on the frequency (once or twice a week). But if you like to keep your room tidy, but do not want to pay for additional services, you can always use the cleaning equipment available to our residents free of charge.

What charges does the monthly rent cover?

The monthly fee covers: rent for your micro apartment, costs of media, access to the Internet, use of common spaces in LAS and support of our team.

For how long can I book a micro apartment?

In long-term mode, you can rent a micro apartment for a month or 5, 10, 12 and 24 months. The longer you stay with us, the less it costs you per month. If you want to live in LAS during your weekend break or a shorter stay in Wroclaw, you can also make a reservation, but in this case, the hostel pricing will be applied (per night).

Are the common areas of LAS dorms available for outsiders?

The common areas of LAS dorms are dedicated primarily to the needs of our residents, which also means that if any of them would like to host a guest, they can invite them to spend time in our common areas.

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